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EP1 I was shot 7 times and Paralyzed... That Can't be my Baby October 04, 2021

EP2 i Saw the Video.. DNA Test The Man I Busted you with October 05, 2021

EP3 TBC October 06, 2021

EP4 I Need Another DNA Test.. This Time i Have the right Guy October 07, 2021

EP5 Four minutes of Maury ... Friday Fury October 08, 2021

EP6 i'm Positive Youn Cheated with my Brother.. Is this my Child October 11, 2021

EP7 Is My Husband or my 2nd Cousin the father of my Child October 12, 2021

EP8 Classic Maury Rewind. Guilty or Innocent October 13, 2021

EP9 Your Spiritual Vibes told me. I'm Not your Baby's Dad October 14, 2021

EP10 I'm 19.. I"ll Prove my 41 year old husband is my baby's Dad October 15, 2021

EP11 You Revenge Cheated.. That's Not my Brother's baby October 18, 2021

EP12 DNA Test all three kid.. Their looks dont match October 19, 2021

EP13 I Never Knew You were married... But I'll Prove you're the dad October 20, 2021

EP14 Time For the Truth.. The Secrets are Out October 21, 2021

EP15 One Man, Four Angry Adult Kids.. is He their father? October 28, 2021

EP16 Classic Maury rewind.. Scary Love Triangles October 29, 2021

EP17 Back For the 3rd time.. I"m Sure this man is the Dad November 01, 2021

EP18 I'm 34 and you're 23.. How can i be your Father November 02, 2021

EP19 if you cheater with a friend, An Ex or my family Member.. It's Over November 03, 2021

EP20 You Slept with my Family Member.. How am i the dad November 04, 2021

EP21 I'm 21... This 52 year old got me pregnant and Denies my Baby November 05, 2021

EP22 Why would you leave town pregnant? There kids Aren't mine November 08, 2021

EP23 4 minutes of Maury.... Fast and Furious Results November 09, 2021

EP24 3 minutes in a Car love can't make a baby.. Test Me November 10, 2021

EP25 i'm 31 years old ... Why is this Teen saying i got her pregnant November 11, 2021

EP26 She Seduced me with Potato Salad... But the kids aren't Mine November 12, 2021

EP27 Maury's top 10..... Lovers or Liars November 15, 2021

EP28 I'm 20.... DNA will prove this 49 year old got me Pregnant November 16, 2021

EP29 Leave your wife for me today.. That's what i want November 17, 2021

EP30 Classic Maury rewind... Can You Guess the Results November 18, 2021

EP31 The Dna test will prove you have 11 kids w November 19, 2021

EP32 Episode 32 November 22, 2021

EP33 Drama Unleashed... After the Results November 23, 2021

EP34 DNA Mysyeries Confronted...Karamo Has The results November 24, 2021

EP35 DNA Family Reunions...Who Stayed Together? November 25, 2021

EP36 Maury's Festive Fails.. Caught of Camera December 23, 2021

EP37 Classic Maury Rewind.. The Gift of the Truth December 24, 2021

EP38 Grandmas At war. Your Son Got my Teen Pregnant December 27, 2021

EP39 Don't Trust your Husband.. I'll Prove this is his Son December 28, 2021

EP40 Karamo is Back.... Outrageous Guest updates December 29, 2021

EP41 Mom Tested 2 other men... You Have to be my dad December 30, 2021

EP42 Top Ten New Year's Countdown December 31, 2021

EP43 Your Mom is lying... My husbnad is not your dad January 17, 2022

EP44 Will 2 DNA Tests Prove i'm raising another man's Kids January 18, 2022

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Released: 18 January 2022 Returning Series
Produced By: MoPo Productions
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website:

Maury is a syndicated American tabloid talk show hosted by Maury Povich. When the series first aired in 1991, the show was called The Maury Povich Show and was produced by MoPo Productions in association with Paramount Domestic Television. The show adopted the title Maury in the 1995–1996 season. The show was then revamped in the 1998–1999 season, when Studios USA took over production. However, MoPo continues to co-produce with NBCUniversal. For the series' first 18 seasons, it was taped in New York City, but beginning with Season 19, the show has been taped in the Stamford Media Center in Stamford, Connecticut. Maury is one of four NBC Universal syndicated properties to make the move to Connecticut, joining the former Chicago-based Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos shows. The fourth, the syndicated Deal or No Deal, is no longer in production. The Trisha Goddard Show became the fourth show in production with NBC Universal. The TV rating on Maury is rated TV-PG and TV-14 on the syndicated stations of the United States, based on each episode's content. On September 17, 2012, during the premiere of its 22nd season, episodes of Maury began airing in widescreen. However, like its sister shows, it is still broadcasting 480i standard definition. On March 26, 2013, Maury was renewed for an additional three years until 2016.

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