Hortensia Saga

Hortensia Saga

Hortensia Saga

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EP1 Resolve ~The Conflict with Camellia~ January 07, 2021

EP2 Memories ~The Lore of Magonia~ January 14, 2021

EP3 Repose of Souls ~To the Quarantined Village~ January 21, 2021

EP4 Turnabout ~Prelude to Turmoil~ January 28, 2021

EP5 Impact ~The Protected One~ February 04, 2021

EP6 True or False ~The Burden of a Princess~ February 11, 2021

EP7 Dilemma ~A Truth Revealed~ February 18, 2021

EP8 Lamplight ~The Return of the Princess~ February 25, 2021

EP9 The Witch ~A Trial into the Past~ March 04, 2021

EP10 Showdown ~The March to Liberation~ March 11, 2021

EP11 Tug-of-War ~The Far Reaches of Conviction~ March 18, 2021

EP12 Promise ~Once Again, on the Hill at Sunset~ March 25, 2021

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Released: 25 March 2021 Ended
Produced By: Liden Films
Country: Japan
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website: https://animehorsaga.jp/

Despite the constant threat of invasion by neighboring countries who covet Hortensia’s fertile lands, Hortensia has long managed to avoid the maelstrom of war thanks to its two main territories, the principalities of Olivier and Camelia, serving as its sword and shield. But on December 5, 767, Camelia suddenly rises in revolt against Hortensia...

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Yasuto Nishikata

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Liden Films

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  • Hortensia Saga
  • Hortensia Saga
  • Hortensia Saga