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EP10 Show Us, Goku! The Power of a Super Saiyan God! September 13, 2015

EP11 Let's Keep Going, Lord Beerus! The Battle of Gods! September 20, 2015

EP12 The Universe Will Shatter? Clash! Destroyer vs. Super Saiyan God! September 27, 2015

EP14 This is All the Power I've Got! A Settlement Between Gods October 11, 2015

EP15 Valiant Mr. Satan, Work a Miracle! A Challenge from Outer Space! October 18, 2015

EP17 Pan is Born! And Goku Goes on a Training Journey?! November 01, 2015

EP18 I'm Here, Too! Training Commences on Beerus' World November 08, 2015

EP19 Despair Redux! The Return of the Evil Emperor, Frieza! November 15, 2015

EP20 A Warning from Jaco! Frieza and 1,000 Soldiers Close In November 22, 2015

EP22 Change! An Unexpected Return! His Name is Ginyu!! December 06, 2015

EP23 Earth! Gohan! Both on the Ropes! Hurry and Get Here, Goku!! December 13, 2015

EP24 Clash! Frieza vs. Goku! This is the Result of My Training! December 20, 2015

EP25 A Full-Throttle Battle! The Vengeful Golden Frieza December 27, 2015

EP26 A Chance Appears in a Tight Spot! Launch a Counteroffensive, Goku! January 10, 2016

EP28 The 6th Universe's Destroyer! His Name is Champa! January 24, 2016

EP29 Combat Matches Are a Go! The Captain is Someone Stronger Than Goku January 31, 2016

EP30 A Run-Through For the Competition! Who Are the Last Two Members? February 07, 2016

EP31 Off to See Master Zuno! Find Out Where the Super Dragon Balls Are! February 14, 2016

EP32 The Matches Begin! We're All Off to the Planet with No Name! February 21, 2016

EP34 Piccolo vs Frost! Stake it All on the Special Beam Cannon! March 06, 2016

EP35 Turn Your Anger into Strength! Vegeta's Full-Bore Battle March 20, 2016

EP36 An Unexpectedly Uphill Battle! Vegeta's Great Blast of Fury! March 27, 2016

EP37 Don't Forget Your Saiyan Pride! Vegeta vs. The 6th Universe's Saiyan! April 03, 2016

EP38 The 6th Universe's Mightiest Warrior! Engage the Assassin Hit! April 10, 2016

EP39 A Developed "Time Skip" Counterstrike? Here Comes Goku's New Move! April 17, 2016

EP40 A Decision at Last! Is the Winner Beerus? Or is it Champa? April 24, 2016

EP43 Goku's Energy is Out of Control? The Struggle to Look After Pan May 15, 2016

EP49 A Message From the Future - The Incursion of Goku Black! June 26, 2016

EP53 Uncover Black's Identity! Off to the 10th Universe's World of the Kai! July 31, 2016

EP54 He Who is of Saiyan Blood: Trunks's Resolve August 07, 2016

EP55 I'd Like to See Goku, You See! A Summons From Grand Zeno! August 21, 2016

EP59 Protect The Supreme Kai Gowasu - Destroy Zamasu! September 25, 2016

EP61 Zamasu's Ambition – The Storied "Project 0 Mortals" of Terror October 09, 2016

EP70 A Challenge From Champa! This Time, a Baseball Game! December 11, 2016

EP71 Goku Dies! An Assassination That Must Be Executed! December 17, 2016

EP73 Gohan's Plight! The Preposterous Great Saiyaman Film Adaptation?! January 08, 2017

EP75 Goku and Krillin! Back to the Old Familiar Training Ground! January 22, 2017

EP77 Let's Do It, Grand Zeno! The Universes' Best Tournament!! February 05, 2017

EP78 Even the Universes' Gods are Appalled?! The Lose-and-Perish Tournament of Power February 12, 2017

EP79 The 9th Universe's Kicking Basil vs. the 7th Universe's Majin Buu!! February 19, 2017

EP81 Bergamo the Crusher vs. Goku! Whose Strength Reaches the Wild Blue Yonder? March 05, 2017

EP82 Goku Must Pay! The Warrior of Justice Top Barges In! March 19, 2017

EP84 Goku the Talent Scout! Recruit Krillin and Android 18 April 02, 2017

EP87 Hunt the Poaching Ring! Goku and Android 17's Joint Struggle! April 23, 2017

EP88 Gohan and Piccolo Master and Pupil Clash in Max Training! April 30, 2017

EP89 A Mysterious Beauty Appears! The Enigma of the Tien Shin-Style Dojo? May 07, 2017

EP94 The Evil Emperor Returns! A Reception from Mysterious Assassins? June 10, 2017

EP98 Ah, the Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs! July 09, 2017

EP100 Rampage! A Crazed Warrior's Savagery Awakens! July 23, 2017

EP101 Warriors of Justice Close In! The Pride Troopers! July 30, 2017

EP102 The Power of Love Explodes? The 2nd Universe's Witchy Warriors! August 06, 2017

EP103 Gohan, Get Ruthless! Showdown with the 10th Universe! August 13, 2017

EP104 A Transcendent Light-Speed Battle Erupts! Goku and Hit's United Front! August 20, 2017

EP105 A Valiant Fight! Master Roshi's Blaze of Glory! August 27, 2017

EP106 Find them Out! Deathmatch with a Furtive Attacker! September 03, 2017

EP108 Frieza and Frost! A Mutual Malevolence? September 24, 2017

EP114 Bloodcurdling! The Explosive Birth of a New Super Warrior! November 05, 2017

EP119 Unavoidable? The Ferocity of a Stealth Attack! December 10, 2017

EP120 A Perfect Survival Strategy! The 3rd Universe's Menacing Assassin! December 17, 2017

EP121 All-Out War! The Ultimate Four-Fold Union vs. the 7th Universe's Total Offensive! December 24, 2017

EP122 With His Pride on the Line! Vegeta's Challenge to Be the Strongest! January 07, 2018

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Released: 25 March 2018 Ended
Produced By: Toei Company
Country: Japan
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website: http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/dragon_s

With Majin Boo defeated half-a-year prior, peace returns to Earth, where Son Goku (now a radish farmer) and his friends now live peaceful lives. However, a new threat appears in the form of Beerus, the God of Destruction. Considered the most terrifying being in the entire universe, Beerus is eager to fight the legendary warrior seen in a prophecy foretold decades ago known as the Super Saiyan God. The series retells the events from the two Dragon Ball Z films, Battle of Gods and Resurrection 'F' before proceeding to an original story about the exploration of alternate universes.

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