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EP2 Take off! Adventuring Together October 08, 1976

Take off! Adventuring Together
Annie's desire to have parents makes her melancholic, and Candy decides on a plan to lift Annie's spirits: a countryside picnic. They leave on their little adventure, the next morning, leaving a letter for Miss Pony and Sister Mary to inform them about Candy's plan. Candy and Annie enjoy their first taste of wine, slide of hillsides and chase a fawn into the forest. Tomboy Candy takes the initiative and Annie follows. To appease Annie's concern, Candy rigs a rope to a tree branch across the river when they wade in the refreshing water of a stream with a strong current. But the current is still too strong, and they are swept away once the branch breaks off. Luckily Mr. Brighton and his farmhand discover and rescue the girls while they are hunting. At the impressive Brighton hunting lodge they get dry, rich clothes, are welcomed to a barbecue and invited to ride the horse. Annie behaves well in front of these friendly strangers, while Candy is her cheeky self. During the horse riding, Annie suggests Candy they could ask Mr. Brighton to adopt them both so they can stay together forever. The idea of leaving Pony's Home angers Candy. The two girls fight and argue and Candy runs off back to Pony's Home, where she comes upon Sister Mary searching for little John who has disappeared during Annie's and Candy's absence. Candy discovers him sleeping up in the big Pony tree where he waited to be the first to see Annie and Candy return from their outing. While Annie stays the night at the Brighton estate, both girls are unable to sleep, missing each other. Annie returns the next morning, bringing Candy's favorite candy from the Brighton estate. Happy to be together again, they swear never to be separated.
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EP3 A Good-bye from the carriage October 15, 1976

A Good-bye from the carriage
The generous Mr. Brighton visits Pony's Home to build a barbecue in their garden, so that all the orphans can enjoy shish kebabs. Annie is smart enough to realize Mr. Brighton must have ulterior motives: to adopt either Candy or her. Candy believes wrongly that of the two it would be Annie who would be adopted. Although Mr. Brighton spent little time with Candy he warmed to her lively, generous nature and hopes to convince his wife Jane in adopting her during a visit to the orphanage. Annie who listens at the door when Miss Pony reveals Mr. Brighton's wishes to Candy has her worst fears come true. But Candy makes sure she will not be separated from Annie: when Mr. Brighton introduces Candy to his wife during his next visit, Candy pretends she wets her bed every night. Miss Pony try to reason with Mrs. Brighton, but she refuses to consider adopting a girl that either wets her bed or tells lies. Meanwhile the quiet and polite Annie has caught Mrs. Brighton's eye, and the Brightons choose to adopt her. Unlike Candy, Annie wants a family over staying with Candy. Feeling betrayed, Candy runs off at night, in the rain, but Annie searches her and apologizes for having been envious of Candy. Still she asks Candy's permission to go and live with the Brightons. Realizing that it would make Annie truly happy, she gives her blessing and will take care of Annie's pet raccoon Klint, since Mrs. Brighton does not like animals. Eventually the day comes that Mrs. Brighton comes to fetch Annie neatly dressed in new clothes - and warned not to pet the dirty raccoon - back to the Brighton estate in the carriage, and the two girls have to wave goodbye at each other.
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EP4 You're cute when you smile! October 22, 1976

You're cute when you smile!
Night and day, Candy dreams of being reunited with Annie and harasses the mailman Matthew daily to check his bag for a letter from Annie. A fortnight, after Annie's departure, her letter finally arrives: Annie is happy at the big mansion, with many servants, kindhearted mother and gentle father; she feels as if living a dream and hopes to invite Candy to her new home after she gets permission. The arrival of Candy's letter in reply prompts Mrs. Brighton to tell Annie that, though people know she was adopted, she does not people to ever find out she lived at Pony's Home. And so, Annie writes her last letter to Candy telling her that she must break all contact with Pony's Home. Distraught, Candy runs off into the hills and forest. A young man dressed in a kilt and blowing bagpipes finds her in the forest. The handsome "prince" plays a song for her and makes her smile. He tells her she is prettier when she smiles than when she cries. When the wind takes Annie's last letter, Candy runs after it, but when she returns the blond prince has vanished. The pendant with a small bell that he dropped by accident is the sole evidence she has that he exists. Back at at Pony's Home, she is as flabbergasted by the car parked there: the hood carries the same sign as the prince's pendant. A representative of the Leagan family from Lakewood has come to inform Miss Pony that the Leagans are interested in adopting Candy as a playmate for their daughter. Lakewood is close to Jasper, where Annie lives, and when Candy learns that the Leagans have a seventeen year old son, she agrees to the adoption.
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EP5 From Today, I'll be a princess? October 29, 1976

From Today, I'll be a princess?
Per her request, Candy and her raccoon Klint depart to her self-chosen destiny Lakewood without the other orphans knowing, leaving some last parting counsel when she kissed them each goodbye in their sleep. Miss Pony gifts Candy her crucifix and Sister Mary gifts a new nightgown she sowed herself. Candy hitches a ride with Tom and his father Mr. Steve on their wagon. But when Tom's father learns the Leagans will adopt Candy he expresses his doubts and tells her to be strong and never cry. Tom gives her his lasso, so she has something to defend herself if people treat her badly. From the very moment of her arrival, Candy ends up being the victim of the nasty pranks by the Leagan children, Neil and Eliza, and she attempts to defends herself physically and fight them. Soon, she learns from Mrs. Leagan that, though she is adopted, she is to see herself as Miss Eliza's playmate rather than a sister, let alone a daughter of the Leagans. The second incident at the Leagan residence involves the servant girl Dorothy whom Candy tries to defend. Because Dorothy is afraid of the repercussions if she backs up Candy's version, Candy is forced to beg for forgiveness on her knees. While the children are cruel, and Mrs. Leagan prejudiced, Mr. Leagan is more neutral and convinced that Candy is exactly the type of friend his children need. However, he is often absent and lets his wife deal with the children. While expecting to see her prince at the house, Candy is confused that he is nowhere to be seen. But then Candy discovers a portrait of her prince in his kilt in the attic where she sleeps. When Candy asks Dorothy about him, the servant girl does not know who he is, but she can tell that he spends his holidays at the Leagan estate. So, now, Candy writes a letter to Pony's Home to assure them she is happy.
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EP6 The person I met at the rose gates November 05, 1976

The person I met at the rose gates
Down in the kitchen where Candy immediately feels at home, the servants praise Candy for her efforts to stand up against Eliza and Neil. Despite the servants' protests, she volunteers to help out with chores. When the cat Sylvia messes up Candy's cleaning of the hallway, Klint gets into a fight with her. He manages to corner the cat, but not without creating a mess. Mrs. Leagan reminds Candy that she is to be Eliza's playmate and banishes Klint. Candy attempts to leave him in the forest and binds him to a tree to keep him from following her, but cannot find it in her heart to leave him. Instead, Candy hides Klint in the barn. But she throws all caution in the wind after receiving a letter from Pony's Home and runs to the barn to share the letter. Dressed to ride, Neil and Eliza witness Klint following Candy out of the stables. They pester her to the brink of tears, first by taking away her letters, then her prince's pendant after she dropped as she reached for the letter. They blackmail her into choosing between the pendant or Klint. Candy is able to retrieve the pendant from Neil before running off, her course set for Pony's Home . . . if not for seeing her prince in a red coat appearing at some grand rose gates. Like on the hilltop, he disappears seemingly into thin air once she's laughing and smiling again, paying her the same compliment as before. When Candy takes a closer look at the gates, she notices the same crest as her pendant: that of the Ardley family. Neil and Eliza's expect "cry-baby" Candy is already on her way to Pony's Home, when Candy skips happily singing back into the Leagan home, pitying Neil and Eliza for their ill feelings.
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EP7 Am I elegant? November 12, 1976

Am I elegant?
Candy shares a self-baked loaf of bread with Klint in the stables. Meanwhile Eliza and Neil lead their mother there in the hope that she discovers Klint, but the raccoon can hide successfully into a haystack. Because Mrs. Leagan thinks Candy stole the bread, she confines Candy to the attic. Remembering Mrs. Leagan telling her she still has a lot to learn before being accepted as a true Leagan, she resolves to become elegant. Then she will be worthy to befriend her prince. When Mrs. Leagan and her children return from their outing, Mr. Leagan notices Candy is not amongst them. After an argument with Mrs. Leagan, Mr. Leagan preoccupies himself with Candy and asks her about the bread. Candy takes him to the stables to introduce him to Klint and procures his consent for Klint to live in the stables and garden. While Mr. Leagan is away on business, Candy exercises night and day with a book on her head to walk as elegant as Mrs. Leagan. She makes such headway that even Mrs. Leagan is compelled to take notice and yet puts Candy's efforts down: mimicking elegance like a monkey does not make her elegant. Meanwhile, Eliza points out that Candy constantly seeks out the company of the servants and refuses to be Eliza's playmate. And so Mrs. Leagan decides to downgrade Candy to a servant. When Candy overhears Eliza telling the news to Neil, Candy wanders, distressed, to the gates of the Ardley estate that are always closed, in the hope to meet her prince. She decides to explore for another possible entrance and discovers two more, all closed. When she pulls the chain of the third portal, a flood gate, she ends up having to rescue a young man. The charming Archibald Cornwell had been sleeping in a rowboat before being swept off by the current. Even if Archibald is not her prince, it seems that the Ardley estate houses plenty of interesting and friendly people.
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EP8 Invitation of happiness November 19, 1976

Invitation of happiness
Eliza invites Candy to accompany her into town on a shopping excursion with Neil to buy a new ballroom dress. Eager, Candy joins them, only to discover she is to be the porter. Worse, Neil and Eliza leave her behind in town. On her walk back to the Leagan house, she encounters Archibald's brother, Alistear Cornwell, who offers her a lift in his car to repay her for saving his brother. However, Archi's driving and the car are not in the best shape. After several blown tires, they land with the car in the pond, and Alistear suggests a shortcut through the forest. Hopping from tree to tree, Stear discovers that Candy is even a bigger adept at it than he is. Back home much earlier than Neil and Eliza expected, Candy overhears the servants talking about the old Ardley matron who will take her residence in the Ardley estate near the Leagan home and the ball to welcome her. Briefly, Candy daydreams about attending the party and meeting her hilltop prince, but she realizes that nobody would want to invite a servant. However, both Alistear and Archibald send an official invitation for her to Mr. Leagan. Eliza protests against Candy coming with them, but Mr. Leagan has no intention to ignore two personal invitations and orders Eliza to gift a dress to Candy. Eliza gives one that is much too small to fit, and it rips when Candy tries it on. Dorothy soothes Candy's mind by reminding her that her conduct will be of far greater importance than an expensive dress out of Eliza's closet.
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EP9 The dance where I met him November 26, 1976

The dance where I met him
In kilts, Alistear and Archibald Cornwell greet the informally dressed Candy upon arrival. As Alistear and Archibald kiss her hands and wish to lead her inside, Candy's prince who stands aside comments on the scene. He turns out to be Eliza's favorite, Anthony Brown. When Eliza asks him how he knows Candy, he mentions the encounter at the rose gates, but does not seem to remember the hilltop meeting. As the Ardley matron welcomes everybody with a lengthy speech, Archi leads Candy to join him under the table and eat a cupcake. Candy's giggling draws everybody's attention. Archibald's aunt chastises the Leagans for bringing their maidservant Candy in such informal dress if she is Archibald's and Alistear's special guest. The two Cornwell brothers and Anthony, all informally dressed now, intercede on Candy's behalf and toast on their aunt's health to lighten the mood. While the Cornwell brothers discuss which of the two ballroom dresses they bought for Candy is the perfect one, Eliza fakes a headache. When Candy searches a room with a bed Eliza, they lock her inside a dark room in a hallway that fits the description of Archi's ghost story. Anthony searches in vain for Candy, only to be accosted by Eliza into dancing with her. In Candy's panic over the ghost story, Candy manages to break down the door and Anthony finds her. The brothers gift her their ballroom dress and Anthony gifts her some of his late mother's jewelry. When Candy joins the dancing with all three young bachelors, the other guests talk positively about her. As she dances with Anthony, Candy asks whether he knows Pony Hill, but he tells her no, confirming that Anthony cannot be the hilltop prince after all.
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EP10 The barn princess December 03, 1976

The barn princess
Mrs. Leagan banishes Candy to sleep in the barn from now on, which Candy does not mind: though hard work, the horses and she will appreciate each other; plus she gets to sleep with Klint. When Candy encounters Anthony in their garden on business and helps him carry his heavy load, she faints, weak from her daily hard labor. Anthony notices her dirty and bruised hands, but she tries to keep the truth secret to him. Meanwhile, Stear almost hits little orphan John in a car accident and drops him off at the Leagans. The orphan wants to see Candy's new life with his own two eyes as well as celebrate the end of his bed watering. Dorothy helps to keep up appearances by showing John into Eliza's room as if it is Candy's. Eliza returns home sooner than expected, however, and she is none too keen on interlopers. Surprisingly, Mrs. Leagan wants Candy to continue the charade: Sister Mary came to visit Candy (in search of John). After Klint leads John into the stable and reveals Candy's secret, Candy makes him promise to keep her secret for her. But Sister Mary does not need John to know the truth: Candy's hands reveal all. In a private conversation with Candy the next day, Sister Mary confesses she wanted to take Candy back home with her originally, but after meeting the Cornwell brothers who took John aside, she thinks Candy has all she needs to be truly happy: friends. They say goodbye and part. Candy realizes Anthony must have made the same conclusions once he had seen her hands, and she fears he will avoid her from now on. But Anthony enters the barn, apologizing for not being a gentleman the day before and letting her carry his load when he knows she works so hard already. He presents her a rose, promising that he will give her a more beautiful one on her next birthday.
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EP11 A small ribbon connecting hearts December 10, 1976

EP12 A rose-scented birthday December 17, 1976

EP13 The lonesome three December 25, 1976

EP14 Springtime wind on the big tree January 01, 1977

EP15 The decision which took away my happiness January 08, 1977

EP16 Departure to an unknown country January 15, 1977

EP17 On the distant, dry wastelands January 22, 1977

EP18 Fate-guiding cross January 29, 1977

EP19 At the end of the difficult journey January 05, 1977

EP20 Happy like in a dream February 12, 1977

EP21 A pigeon that carried friendship February 19, 1977

EP22 Don't give up, Anthony! February 26, 1977

EP23 The first date March 05, 1977

EP24 My Anthony March 12, 1977

EP25 Transcending the sadness for the sake of tomorrow March 19, 1977

EP26 Father-tree knows March 26, 1977

EP27 A present of angels April 02, 1977

EP28 Scar on the healed soul April 09, 1977

EP29 Setting out on a voyage towards hope April 16, 1977

EP30 Love transcends raging waves April 23, 1977

EP31 A new day in the old capital April 30, 1977

EP32 Pony's hill in prison May 07, 1977

EP33 A wrinkled transferee May 14, 1977

EP34 The inverted envelope May 21, 1977

EP35 A wonderful Sunday May 28, 1977

EP36 Revived smiles June 04, 1977

EP37 A wondrous encounter June 11, 1977

EP38 The secret of Terrius June 18, 1977

EP39 A treasure which caused anger June 25, 1977

EP40 Freely leaving the contemplation room July 02, 1977

EP41 Fairy of the school festival July 09, 1977

EP42 A midnight picnic July 16, 1977

EP43 Summer school at the shore of a lake July 23, 1977

EP44 The link between a mother and a child July 30, 1977

EP45 White party for two August 07, 1977

EP46 Excitement at the end of the summer August 14, 1977

EP47 Eliza's trap September 16, 1977

EP48 Within the cold, thick walls September 23, 1977

EP49 Terry's decision September 30, 1977

EP50 Departure shrouded by the morning mist October 07, 1977

EP51 Long way to the port October 14, 1977

EP52 The star I saw from the barn October 21, 1977

EP53 The dawn at Mount Rodney October 28, 1977

EP54 Night fog at the Southampton port November 04, 1977

EP55 Two Stowaways November 11, 1977

EP56 On the Other Shore of the Stormy Sea November 18, 1977

EP57 The Port Through the Window November 25, 1977

EP58 Silvery Homeland December 02, 1977

EP59 One Day as a Naughty Teacher December 09, 1977

EP60 Determined Footsteps That Resound in One's Heart December 16, 1977

EP61 The Sob Underneath the Snow December 23, 1977

EP62 Steam Whistle Towards New Frontiers December 30, 1977

EP63 The Granny in the Street January 06, 1978

EP64 The Angel in White is a Dim-Wit January 13, 1978

EP65 The Smiling Nurse January 20, 1978

EP66 Grandfather From Dreams January 27, 1978

EP67 Where is She? February 03, 1978

EP68 Scattering Flower Petals of Springtime February 10, 1978

EP69 White Rose of Memories February 17, 1978

EP70 A Cute Bride February 24, 1978

EP71 Mr. Sailor on the Hill March 03, 1978

EP72 The Young Lady at the Special Care Ward March 10, 1978

EP73 Rumors About Terrius March 17, 1978

EP74 Heading to the Hospital in a Big City March 24, 1978

EP75 Grandfather's Mansion March 31, 1978

EP76 The Cabin of Old Memories April 07, 1978

EP77 A Dangerous Garden Party April 14, 1978

EP78 Terry's Melody April 28, 1978

EP79 The Shadow Under the Spotlight May 05, 1978

EP80 A Moment of Reunion May 12, 1978

EP81 Faceless Terrius May 19, 1978

EP82 Flowers from the Heart May 26, 1978

EP83 The Ghost Who Played Cards June 02, 1978

EP84 Angels Under the Shadow of War June 16, 1978

EP85 The Family with Love and Hatred June 30, 1978

EP86 The Man Who Forgets His Past July 07, 1978

EP87 Two People's Trial July 14, 1978

EP88 The Day We Fly Towards the Sky July 21, 1978

EP89 The Vanished Mr. Albert July 28, 1978

EP90 A Little Castle in the City August 11, 1978

EP91 Far From Reach But Near at Hand August 18, 1978

EP92 A Treatment Stimulated by Love August 25, 1978

EP93 A Cupid With Wrinkles September 01, 1978

EP94 A Trip with a Partner September 08, 1978

EP96 An Invitation with a One Way Ticket September 22, 1978

EP97 The Desired Reunion in the Dream September 29, 1978

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Released: 02 February 1979 Ended
Produced By: Toei Animation
Country: Japan
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Candy Candy is a Japanese novel, manga, and anime series. The main character, Candice "Candy" White Ardlay is a blonde girl with freckles, large emerald green eyes and long, curly hair, worn in pigtails with bows. Candy Candy first appeared in a prose novel by famed Japanese writer Kyoko Mizuki in April 1975. When Mizuki joined forces with manga artist Yumiko Igarashi, the Japanese magazine Nakayoshi became interested in Candy Candy. The series was serialized as a manga series in the magazine for four years and won the 1st Kodansha Manga Award for shōjo in 1977. The story was adapted into an anime series by Toei Animation. There are also several Candy Candy movies which were never released outside of Japan.

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